The Easiest Way to Get a Second Passport

So, you love the country you live in, but want to get a second passport because your heart is also in another country. Perhaps you have family in overseas, operate a business in another country, or really just want a second option to go north when or if things in your current place of residency go south.

There are even those who want to obtain a second passport in an effort to reclaim their ancestral roots, which has been a controversial issue that has both been touted as treason and affirmed as an inalienable right privilege that should be celebrated.

Whatever your reason for wanting to obtain a second passport, the fact of the matter is, it is legal — in most countries.

First, what does it mean to have a second passport?

When people obtain a second passport, it’s not quite like having a wallet full of James Bond-esque passports for every time you enter a new country. That is set aside for the movies, very secret operations (we’re assuming), and for those who break the law — because you really can’t do that. What it really means is gaining dual citizenship. This allows you to retain your citizenship in your current country while also gaining citizenship in another country. Even without the James Bond aspect, it’s still pretty awesome.

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