This Is Incredible! See What Happens When Someone Sticks A Rose Into A Potato!

Beautiful flowers can lighten up every room and create a pleasant, calming atmosphere even in not-so-perfect surroundings. The only problem is that flowers, especially the beautiful ones, are expensive and usually only last a few days.

Did you know that there is a simple trick that can be used to help roses grow on their own? Let us teach you how it’s done!

People love flowers

It’s scientifically proven that flowers have a positive effect on our well-being. They help us relax and improve our mood. It’s no surprise that almost everyone keeps a number of plants and flowers in their home. Flowers are not just visually pleasing, they also contribute to the scent of your home and often smell incredible. What many people aren’t aware of, is that flowers also help with a number of health problems like irritated skin and migraines. Flowers are expensive and not everyone can regularly afford them, so why not learn how to grow them in your own garden? Various scientific studies have proven that home gardening is very beneficial to mental health and needless to say, some extra exercise always helps. All of these benefits make it a no-brainer to get started! Let’s grow our own flowers!

Green thumb

Growing flowers is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You really don’t need to be a gardening professional. All you really need to grow your own flowers is a potato, a plastic bottle, a rose, and plenty of fertilized soil.

You might wonder what the potato and the plastic bottle are for. Even though this unusual combination might strange to you, it really WORKS incredibly well.

This is what you’ll need to do:

First of all, you need to choose a rose you really like. The second step is to remove all leaves and thorns from it and give it a diagonal cut around 3 centimeters below the head of the rose. It is important, that the rose stays in shape so be careful when preparing the stem. You can then place it in a vase and store it like that for a few days.

The third step is to drill a small hole in a potato. It should be just as big as the diameter of the rose so when the rose is inserted, it is tightly secured and does not move around. After you are done with the potato, you have to place plenty of fertilized soil on the bottom of a pot or a similar container. Once you have prepared the soil, you have to place the stem in the potato and place them carefully on the soil. Once you found the right position, you have to fill up your pot with the remaining soil. The potato should be located around 5 centimeters below the surface of the soil. The final step is to cut out the bottom of the plastic bottle and then place it around the stem. Now all you need to do is to water the soil around the plastic bottle occasionally and have some patience.

Check out the video and be amazed at the results of this simple method!

We are not responsible for the results of this gardening strategy. There are too many variables that determine the growth of the rose. Success can not be guaranteed.

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